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  1. Hello Mr. Timothy Hindman my name is Joselyn Witherspoon in February 2019 I went to the Jiffy Lube here in Baltimore city 5700 Harford Road to get a oil change and brake pads put on my car 2007 Lexus EX 300 I kept hearing squeaking noises when I backed my car up and when I took it everyone said it was just dust in there this Tuesday I took my car to the Lexus and they said that we have a had the brake pads put on they were too big for my car they hammer them in I ride my great grandkids around because I’m a babysitter I called the store and they told me it’s nothing that they could do I tried to reach corporate no one got back to me I left messages some sitting here tonight looking online to see who’s in charge of this store and could you please help me out about this problem my number is 443750-3863 and again my name is Joselyn Witherspoon can someone please help me I don’t have all that money like I spent the last time to get it fixed I thought they was going to do the right thing about my problem and they put something on there that’s not compatible at all I trusted Jiffy Lube to do the right thing for the customer please help me if you can thank you


    1. Ms. Witherspoon,

      Unfortunately, Jim Hindman is no longer involved with Jiffy Lube. He sold the business in 1990 and does not have connections to anyone in the business.

      We are sorry that we cannot help you. I hope you can get your problem resolved quickly.

      Cindy Tracey
      Executive Director, Operations


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