7 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Thanks for this site. The white letters on black are great for someone with diminished vision. I’m wondering if there is a site where AMD patients can share their thoughts.


    1. Thank you, Ruth. I have done quite a few searches myself looking for a blog designated to a discussion on AMD. However, I have only found websites and blogs with informative articles. I will keep searching and if I do find something, I will be sure to send you a message.


  2. I have just finished reading Jim’s book ‘Was blind, but now I see’.

    I really enjoyed the story of his entrepreneurial journey and found the book contained very practical and valuable information about living with AMD.

    Jim, if you get this message, I just wanted to say thank you the wonderful gift of your book; it gives much-needed hope for people who are suffering from vision loss.


  3. Mr. Hindman: Thank you for writing the essay for the March 13, 2017 OT PRACTICE. As an occupational therapist finishing a 39 yr. career in public school-based OT, I am going to keep your essay as a treasure, to help me remember the impact of others in the profession. With appreciation. Karen


    1. Dear Ms. Scott,
      Thank you for your comments. We have heard from other OTs with similar statements. I hope people appreciate the small part each of us play in their lives in our own special way. A positive and upbeat relationship was developed with all the OTs I was fortunate enough to meet. All of you have a good heart and the good discipline to prepare yourselves professionally to do what you do for others. We appreciate all you have done.
      Jim Hindman


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